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Official Single Press Release

Blue bird artwork.png
Blue bird artwork.png

To the delight of Embers's evergrowing and increasingly dedicated fans, or 'flames' as she lovingly calls them, Bluebird will be available on all streaming platforms on the

1st April 20222


Self- recorded and produced entirely in her London flat, this bold electronic pop debut will take you on a journey.

Hit play to transcend into calm, with silky, soaring vocals and luscious keys. 

Before you can say 'second verse' you'll be on your feet dancing round your front room to etherial synths, pulsing bass lines and a thumping drum beat fit for a six AM warehouse rave.


Embers describes Blubird as being all about:

"letting go, evolving and getting back in touch with what brings you joy."


She continues;

"I've always felt like I'm in this chaotic, passionate, toxic love affair with London and the life I've built here.

When the first lockdown hit I was forced to slowdown.

Here began a really crazy time of self discovery,

I fell in love with London in it's peaceful state, I got sober, allowed myself to lose myself in my creativity.. and I let go of so much 'stuff'."

Lose yourself in what brings you joy and TURN THIS UP.

Tel: +44 (0)7764378536

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