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Body of Mine is a euphoric vocal house track The drums envelop listeners in a state of beat bliss, transporting them to a euphoric realm where nostalgic synths drenched in reverb sing out, and the dance floor becomes a sacred sanctuary of sonic ecstasy.

Singing of connecting with her body again through dancing to electronic music, Embers steps up a level with her vocal production, layering silky, soft harmony stacks and catchy vocal chops. 


Likened to Yune Pinku and Pretty Girl, with a hint of Biig Piig, Embers makes all her tracks in Ableton and creates live looping performances to entertain her loyal fans on social media, who she lovingly calls 'Flames'. 

'Over the years I've had a weird relationship with my body. I think a lot of us have, due to all the messages in media that tell us we're either too much of one thing or not enough of the other. I spent a long time not being very nice to myself. Body of Mine talks of the feeling when you're at a rave or a club and losing yourself under the lights to the music. You come as you are. You're accepted. You're feeling connected with yourself.  I wanted to capture that euphoric feeling.'


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