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Fuelled with deep feminine rage comes this silky smooth bop that sits on the lines between R&B and House all mixed together with a sprinkle of break beat rhythms. Teeth is a product of anger that needs to be kept quiet, at least for now. Embers melds her distinctive use of wood percussion into an infectious groove that will have you strutting, combined with luscious, dreamy keys and soaring vocals. 

Self produced in her London home studio, Embers uses vocal chops and brave, production techniques to pull you into the feeling of the moment that sparked the inspiration for 'Teeth'. 


Likened to Yune Pinku and Pretty Girl, with a hint of Biig Piig, Embers makes all her tracks in Ableton and creates live looping performances to entertain her loyal fans on social media, who she lovingly calls 'Flames'. 

'In this particular situation I was so deeply angry, but I had to bite my tongue, and push that feeling down. The verses are deliberately sung in a high, floaty, chilled way which juxtapose the lyrics entirely to mirror the situation I was in. I had to smile sweetly and fake laugh, but was feeling deep rage inside... I never did get to say how I really felt BUT at least I wrote this bop! '


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