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Electronic Press Kit

An exciting genre bending songwriter, producer and vocalist based in London, likened to Maggie Rogers, Lapsley and Sylvan Esso.

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Ahead of releasing her debut single, Embers is already stirring up a loyal fan base, or 'flames' as  she lovingly calls them, on social media with her live looping videos and engaging story telling.


Singing of self love, her journey with sobriety, relationships and more, she blends sweeping synths with driving bass lines, and drum beats fit for the dance dancefloor.


"I'm a romantic, and love the kind of pop hooks that get stuck in your head all day, but I'm also deeply inspired by dance music. For example, I love experimenting with mixing techno beats with floating, layered pop vocals. "

This one woman band taught herself how to produce her own music and live loop with Ableton during the pandemic.


"learning to produce for myself has been so liberating and empowering. This journey has taught me to really trust myself creatively.

I'd love to inspire others to do the same. Perfection doesn't matter, it's expression, it's art and it's fun!"


Tel: +44 (0)7764378536

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