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Dopamine Mining merges pop vocals with breakbeat percussion and a grinding, emotional synth lead melody that will be stuck in your head all day long. 


Self produced in her London home studio, Embers sings of lessons learned along her journey in sobriety as she reflects back on years of digging deep for her next hit of dopamine regardless of the consequences.


Likened to Yune Pinku and Pretty Girl, with a hint of Biig Piig, Embers makes all her tracks in Ableton and creates live looping performances to entertain her loyal fans on social media, who she lovingly calls 'Flames'. 

'I wanted there to be a 'messy' feeling in the chorus. Quite soft, silky verses and then the choruses to come in and kinda slap you in the face, and feel a bit chaotic. Sort of like when you've drunk too much and then get up to go outside and it hits you, and you feel like you're falling while the world around you becomes distorted.'


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